Why Do You Need to Check English Sentence Online

How Can an Online Sentence Checker Help?

An online sentence checker is a very useful thing for all writers and aspiring writers to fix the paragraph. It allows you to catch both silly mistakes that you can see the issues with, and deeper ones which you might not see as a problem. This way you can understand your own writing better and improve.

Some Grammar Facts

Do you know what a dangling modifier is? How about how to fix one? If you don’t know, you might be in need of some editing help. We’ll give you a brief look at the concepts so you can understand it better.

A dangling modifier is a descriptive phrase that can modify multiple parts of a sentence. For instance: “I saw a man with a telescope.” The question here is, did the speaker or the man have the telescope? It could be either and this introduces ambiguity.

You can do it at the beginning of a sentence, too. “Having been in the fridge for weeks, I threw out the moldy leftovers.” Context makes it pretty clear what was in the fridge – it was probably the leftovers, not the speaker. However, even when you know that, your brain automatically reads the modifier as applying to the speaker. This produces baffling mental images of a person in a fridge, wrathfully throwing out leftovers as they finally emerge from their chilly prison.

You obviously don’t want to go for confused readers. As a writer, your aim should be clarity at all times. Read over your sentences and remove the dangling modifiers to make it easier on your readers. Or, allow an online checker tool to do it for you!

Benefits of English Grammar Checker Free Online

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Here are some great reasons why you should check your grammar online using the paragraph fixer. After you’ve seen them, we think you’ll agree that it’s a smart idea!

  • It’s free: Obvious? Maybe, but still important. Proofreaders can charge hundreds of dollars for their work, especially for longer pieces. By contrast, our tool won’t break the bank – or even tap into it at all. No messing around with credit cards.
  • You will learn: Reading your paper and seeing the correction in English sentence you’re given, you’ll come to understand the rules much better. You will be able to identify and understand the mistakes you’re making. You will learn better grammar, but in a practical and hands-on way.
  • You won’t have to interact: One of the most complicated parts of getting your work checked is interacting with people. This is true for a variety of reasons. Getting ahold of someone can be difficult. If they’re busy, you will have to wait. They might not understand what you’re looking for. They might give you unhelpful advice, or not know the rules. Plus, showing someone incomplete writing can feel very embarrassing. With our checker tool, none of these apply.
  • It’s fast: Another disadvantage of people? They take time to check anything. Humans simply cannot apply rules as quickly as a computer does. We are at a disadvantage with regard to our processing power. Our tool reads each paper in a matter of minutes at most. Shorter pieces can even take seconds. If you’ve got five minutes before class, you can turn in a better paper.
  • You can establish consistency: Using the same checker every time will allow you to catch your common mistakes and establish a standard for yourself. Like working with a regular proofreader, it allows you to form a baseline to work towards.

Get the Most Out of Your Grammar

We know that grammar is difficult. Your command of it is tied to your success, and yet by yourself it’s incredibly difficult to truly master it. That’s why we’ve put together our professional sentence maker. We think that everyone should be able to access good language education in a practical setting, and we want to make sure you can, too!

To check an English sentence online, visit us now and boost your writing power!

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