4 Benefits of Free Sentence Checker

Sentence Corrector Free

Looking to produce great writing? Then you need a sentence checker. Even if you’re an expert, a checker can catch mistakes you might have missed. You’re familiar with your writing, so you read what you expect to be there.

But our correction tool cannot be fooled. It points out your errors and lets you produce the highest-quality writing available and help punctuate the paragraph.

Grammar Facts When Checking Sentence

Do you know what some of the most commonly-made synonym mistakes are? Read on and find out.

  • Lose vs loose: To lose is a verb. You can lose weight or lose your dog. Loose is the adjective. It describes something which is not tight. Think about the phrase “loosey-goosey” and you’ll remember, because both have two o’s in them.
  • Affect vs effect: Affect is a verb. Effect is a noun. Remember, the process of affecting comes before the effect – just like a comes before e in the alphabet. A sample sentence: “The movie is affecting me most terrible; the effect is that I am crying.”
  • Peek vs peak vs pique: To peek is to look at something – “I peeked at my present before Christmas”. A peak is like what you get on the top of a mountain – “That’s a very high peak”. Pique is to provoke or instigate – to “pique” your interesting, not either of the other two.
  • Assure vs. insure vs. ensure: Assure means to promise or say with confidence, as in, “he assures me the check is in the mail”. Insure means to protect against risk, like ‘insurance’, as in “Insure my checkbook for a thousand dollars in case it is stolen”. Ensure means to make sure, as in “I ensured that he would send me no more false checks”.

These errors and more like them are extremely frequent. Are you certain of your ability to proofread for them? If not, consider a sentence checker.

Benefits of Sentence Checker Free

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These four benefits may convince you that our sentence checker is for you.

  • Completely free: Editors and proofreaders are expensive investments. But our service is always entirely free. You don’t have to spend your hard-earned money to come up with a great paper. Good grammar help should always be accessible.
  • No interaction with people: Our process is much easier than most other ways of editing. You don’t have to interact with other human beings. When you have to talk to people, all sorts of things get in the way. You don’t know whether they are knowledgeable about grammar. You can’t tell whether they understand your aims in writing. You have to show them an incomplete piece of writing, which is difficult and leaves you feeling exposed. With our checker, none of that is true. We don’t save your writing, and you get to decide what your aims are.
  • You get to learn: When you check English sentence online, each error will be given a rule to explain it. There’s no arbitrary “change this” mechanism. Instead, you consciously make the decision to change it or not. That means you have to read the rules and decide whether they really apply. That helps you to learn how they work!
  • You have complete control: Not sure whether or not you should change that sentence? The checker doesn’t do it for you. It only presents you with a suggestion. This means that your original words are preserved until you decide to change them. Think that phrase is better the way it is? Sometimes rules are meant to be broken. We understand that, and that’s why we offer you the choice to reject each suggestion.

Use a Sentence Checker

It’s clear that there are plenty of benefits to a sentence checker. Correction tools are smarter than they were five years ago and growing smarter every day. It helps you to avoid most common grammar mistakes. We think that everyone deserves to write well. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that you can. Your success depends on it!

Fort the very best free sentence checker, visit us now and be amazed at how great your writing can be!

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