How Should Look Like a Proper Sentence Checker

How Checking Sentence Structure Can Help

Are you an expert writer? Maybe you are! There are lots of people who have an extremely nuanced understanding of grammar and writing conventions. They can produce beautiful papers with perfect spelling and none of the common issues. But even if you are one of those writers, there’s a good chance you make errors every so often. And if you’re not one of them, well, you might need a little help to make your paper look truly great. No matter your level, a sentence structure checker can catch the errors you make and point them out to you, helping your writing look more polished and professional.

The Facts about Grammar Checkers

Did you know that 32% of papers run by a particular sentence structure checker contained incorrect use of homophones? Accept vs except, edition vs addition, affect vs effect, and other similar mistakes are common ones of this type. These errors make your work look unprofessional and can even make it more difficult to understand.

Another 21% relied in passive voice. The passive voice involves constructions like “The man was bitten by the dog”. The doer is all the way at the end of the sentence or not even mentioned at all. Another example with no doer: “The girl was given ice cream.” Who gave the girl ice cream? We aren’t told. This sort of construction, while not bad in and of itself, can become extremely tiring to read when you use it a lot. It removes the action from the sentence and makes each piece more difficult to parse. Yet it’s incredibly easy to slip into passive voice, particularly in academic writing.

To avoid these errors, you need a good grammar checker. You might sometimes be completely unaware you’re making these kinds of mistakes, and only an objective outside source can bring them to your attention. It’s clear, therefore, that you need help to excel in your writing.

Finding a Correct Sentences Checker

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Having decided that you need a sentence structure checker, how can you find a good one? The easiest way to be sure is to check out how it looks.

Sentence structure checkers are generally very simple, so there are only a few elements that you really need. Of course you will need a box in which to paste your text, or possibly a place to upload a document. There should also, of course, be a button which will allow you to check. The website obviously will not be of much use if it lacks such crucial features. If it lacks either one of these things, be careful – it is probably not a legitimate website. You should leave quickly as it might even harbor viruses or other such nasty things.

Now, somewhat more abstractly, a good sentences maker online should allow you to see the rules that it’s using to give you your suggestions. Some might highly the text and mention the rule when you click it. Others might have numbers keyed to specific rules. Still others might highlight certain errors in certain colours. Any of these ways are fine so long as they work for you. Just choose what is most helpful.

Finally, to find the best sentence structure checker, you should run several papers by it. Picking at least one that’s already been marked by a teacher, if you have one, is a very smart idea. However, if you don’t, just use a few more papers and get an idea of whether it’s picking up the same mistakes. You should be able to figure out whether it’s any good with such measures.

Getting the Best Sentence Structure Service

It’s not always easy to find a really great paragraph tester. Some have inferior software, and some don’t allow you to see the reasoning behind the mistakes you made. However, if you follow our guidelines, you should be well on your way to finding a good one. Check out ours, and you’ll see the difference.

To find a proper sentence checker, use ours and learn how to expertly choose check your text!

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