7 Most Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

7 Most Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

To make paraphrasing easier you may use plagiarism fixer, but it can’t help with grammar for this tasks it`s better to use paragraph checker. But still no matter how hard you study grammar but unfortunately, you still mess up. For some people, it is math, some physics, and some grammar. Check out the following for common grammar mistakes:

  • Which and that
    ‘Which’ is a relative clause, it allows qualifiers that aren’t really important while ‘That’ restricts.
  • Envy and jealousy
    ‘Envy’ is longing for something while ‘jealousy’ includes a fear of rivalry.
  • Continuous and continual
    There almost the same but with a slight difference. ‘Continual’ is something that is always happening but lapses in time while ‘Continuous” is always occurring without any stops.
  • Affect vs. effect
    When you’re talking about change, it’s ‘effect’ and when you’re talking about the act of it, it’s ‘affect’
  • To vs. too
    “To” is usually used before a noun or a verb while “too” is an alternative for “also” or “as well”.
  • Lose and loose
    “Lose” is used when you fail to keep something or sometimes it is to fail to win. “Loose” is an adjective used to describe a thing that is not tightly held or attached.
  • Semicolons
    Semicolons are supposed to connect two independent clauses, even though these clauses can stand on their own.
  • Between and among
    “Between” is used to refer to different things while “among” is used to refer things that aren’t separated.

most common grammar mistakes
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Helpful Tips to Avoid Common Grammar Mistakes

  • Do not rely on spelling check. This may sound ironic because yeah, spelling check can help but it isn’t really accurate all the time.
  • Proofread, but do it later. When you’re finished writing a paper, do not proofread it directly. It is recommended to wait for at least a day and come back to it and proofread. There, you will catch more mistakes and edit them.
  • Make a list of common mistakes. Make a list of all the spelling error or word choice error. Put it on the side when you’re writing and take a quick look at it every time to track all the mistakes.
  • Don’t rush. Completing your writing doesn’t just happen in a blink of an eye especially if it’s a letter or a proposal. A rushed paper is more likely to have a grammar error.

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