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Can You Use a Paraphrase Paragraph Example?

paraphrase paragraph exampleParaphrasing is a task that many writers in all areas struggle with at some point. It is rewriting text or even the spoken word into completely different words but maintaining the original meaning. We do it for many reasons such as to simplify what someone has said to make it easier to understand or to rewrite paragraphs while avoiding plagiarism so that they can be included in our own reports without using quotations.

But rewriting text without repeating some of the original writing; or maintaining fully the original meaning with no changes can be very difficult. Using a rewrite example however can provide you with a lot of help with your own rephrasing if used correctly.

How to Use a Paraphrasing Example

An example of paraphrasing should only ever be used to help educate yourself as to how you should go about this task. You should never simply just copy the example that you are looking at and use it as your own as that would be considered plagiarism. Examples however can provide you with a lot of guidance as to how you should rewrite paragraph and how different the resulting text should be.

However like any form of example that you find online you should never just simply accept that it is done well. Evaluate the sample carefully to see if it does truly repeat the full meaning of the original and if it has avoided repeating the original text. Often evaluating a sample to see if it is good will provide you with a huge amount of help with learning how to paraphrase for yourself.

Tips for Doing Your Own Paraphrasing

rewrite exampleParaphrasing a paragraph or a longer piece of text need not be difficult if you ensure that you organize yourself to do it correctly. The following advice for conducting paraphrasing will help you with crafting text that will be well written and totally unique:

  • Ensure that you know who your target audience are and what they expect.
  • Read the text many times until you are sure that you fully understand what it says; paraphrasing is about understanding and repeating meaning not about changing words.
  • Make notes of all of the points that the text raises using your own words.
  • Reorder those notes so that the points will flow logically for your own writing.
  • Rewrite the text using your own notes only.
  • Compare your rewritten text with the original and change any text that has been accidentally repeated.
  • Proofread the results so that they are completely free of errors.

We Can Rewrite Your Paragraph

paraphrasing exampleNo matter how many examples you look at or how many tips some people just don’t have the time to get their paraphrasing completed to the standard that they need. We offer professional paraphrasing through experts that are post graduate degree qualified and highly experienced within the fields in which they will work. Unlike automatic software tools they can help you provide proper writing that will be usable within your reports.

So if you have looked at a paraphrase paragraph example and would like help to achieve that standard just contact our experts here today.