7 Mistakes People Make When Check the Grammar of a Sentence

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Have you ever written something only to get it back marked up in red pen? The experience can be quite harrowing, and make you feel like you’ll ever be able to write something good. Everyone has been a student, and everyone knows the shame that comes from knowing you’ve inadvertently turned in a bad paper. But we want to help you avoid that shame. With a paragraph spell check, you’ll be able to strengthen your papers and your writing skills the easy way.

The Facts about Sentence Correction

It often occurs that we read some information, totally understand it, however, when asked to do express our opinion or do some summarizing and paraphrasing, find ourselves hesitating what letter to write or what tense to apply. Author William B. Bradshaw tells a story about a time where a school district bought three hundred copies of his books. He went to inquire, out of curiosity, about what classes they’d be used for, and was told that actually the teachers were going to use them. The school district representative explained to him that their teachers struggled with grammar and his book was intended to be used in a training course for them.

What this story illustrates is that grammar is very difficult even for people high on the education chain. If even teachers struggle with grammar, there’s certainly no shame in a student or professional needing help! We all need some assistance sometimes. That’s why we offer you our free grammar check tool to make it easier for you.

Seven Mistakes People Make When Doing Their Own Editing

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These grammar mistakes are incredibly common and you’ve probably made them if you’re editing your own paper. Check the sentence online for correction and pay attention to:

  • Run-on sentences: Run-ons aren’t long sentences. They’re two complete sentences smushed together with no punctuation. Example “I went to the store they had no milk.” When you want to squish two sentences together, always use a semicolon: “I went to the store; they had no milk”.
  • Comma splices: Comma splices are what happens when you join two complete sentences together with a comma rather than a semicolon. They’re like run-ons, but with a comma in the middle. Remember: semicolons only for two complete sentences!
  • Dangling modifiers: Dangling modifiers are descriptive pieces that could modify two potential targets. Example: “I hit the boy with the baseball bat.” This could mean either that the speaker hit the boy using a baseball bat, or that the speaker hit a boy who was holding a baseball bat. Confusing, yes? Aim for clarity and eliminate these.
  • Its/it’s, your/you’re, etc: Rule of thumb: if it’s a contraction, it’ll have an apostrophe. If it’s a possessive pronoun, it won’t. Think of it like this. Contractions are two words smushed together. They need the apostrophe to stick. But possessive pronouns are just one word, so they’re fine on their own.
  • Possessive nouns: Many people get confused about where to place the apostrophe on possessive nouns (not pronouns, see above). If it’s a singular or a plural with no s, it’s between the word and the s. Example: dog’s, children’s. If it’s plural, it’s at the outside. For instance: dogs’, cats’.
  • Then/than: “Then” is temporal. “Than” is comparative.
  • Misplaced commas: Commas are a vast and deep ocean of confusion. Really quick rule of thumb: only use a comma to mark off optional parts of the sentence. If you could not remove it and have the sentence still make sense, you might not want that comma.

Sentence Grammar Check Online

Our grammar checker is the easiest way to get critique on your writing. You don’t have to show it to anyone, which can involve a terrifying level of soul-baring. You don’t even have to ask anyone for help. All you have to do is run the paper through the checker and then look at the results. The rules will be listed there for you. You can click them and read them, and find out what mistakes you tend to make often. Then you can improve the natural way.

To check the grammar of a sentence, visit us and see how much better your writing can be!

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