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Do you need online correction in English? Maybe you think you don’t, but the fact is, most people make mistakes. Maybe you know the rules and simply mistyped; maybe you haven’t had time to learn everything. It’s perfectly valid to ask for a little help. That’s why we made our tool, which gives you that help in evaluation paragraph and low-stress setting.

A Fun Fact about Grammar

Did you know that English used to be a lot more like German in terms of its grammar? Like German, it used to have three grammatical genders: neutral, masculine, and feminine. We no longer retain these distinctions, so usually when we talk about gender it’s purely as it practically applies. Tables don’t get called he and chairs get called she, something which happens in other languages.

Additionally, English used to be much more inflected. Like present-day German, we had far more grammatical endings to indicate things like tense, mood, and number. These distinctions have all but disappeared. Partly that’s because of the influence of Norse invaders in the ninth and tenth centuries A.D. When Norse raiders came and decided to stay, English vocabulary was close enough to Norse that they found it easy to adopt. But grammar was harder, so they chopped off some of the endings and ignored them. Soon English speakers were doing the same.

The second wave of influence was the French in 1066 onward. English was, for a period of several hundred years, spoken only by the common people and rarely written. All the rules were preserved only in the heads of the people who spoke the language, and there was no written standard. This made change more rapid.

With these waves of innovation, it’s no wonder that our rules today are complex. Removing case endings doesn’t make a language simpler; it only makes it change, often in the direction of becoming more irregular. The English we know have is a wonderful hodgepodge of borrowed words and idioms. It’s beautiful, but that does mean you might need some help when writing it.

Where to Find Online Sentence Checker

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So where can you find a good English sentence checker? It’s a tricky prospect. Maybe of the available online tools aren’t as efficient as they could be, and can return false results. This confuses you and slows you down. So how can you be sure you are finding a good one?

We are confident that our tool stacks up against any other you might find. It is smart, and can catch hundreds of different grammatical mistakes. It is programmed with dozens of grammar rules, taking the burden of memorization off you. Unlike the checker from a word processor, it understands a variety of situations and offers a great deal of subtlety in its suggestions. You can choose to ignore things which are irrelevant, and easily come up with a great paper.

The process is also quite simple. All you have to do is input your paper and click the “check” button. After a short period – perhaps a few seconds or minutes, depending on the length of the text – your results will be returned and you’ll be ready to make your edits! You’ll be able to see the rules at play easily, and that helps you make informed decisions about what changes to keep.

There’s simply no easier way to edit a paper. You don’t have to bare your soul by showing people your unfinished writing. We never save your work, so the only person who will witness your mistakes is you. You’ll learn how to write the easy way, without any tedious memorization.

Get English Grammar Checker Free Online

So how can you find our English sentence correction online checker? Just go to our homepage. It’s free, which is an incredible value when you consider how expensive proofreading can get. You’ll be saving yourself time and money by using the tool, and you’ll be learning at the same time. What more could you want?

For more information about our correction in English sentence tool, contact us now!

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