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When you’re writing the paragraph the least thing you want is a topic the paragraphs of which are flooded with clumsy mistakes, typos, spelling, grammar mistakes and downright difficult to process information. Editing paragraphs is a really important thing in case you want your text look like the diamond, because the real value of the well-written material is always hidden in the smoothly built sentences and paragraphs. You shouldn’t let the weak verb or wrong adjective ruin your work because there’s too much to lose and too much at stake you have whilst the right proofreading will only cost you several minutes of your lifetime, so if you don’t have any spare minute it’s definitely better to use paragraph correction first. Before you learn how to create the structure of the paragraph in the right way you need to understand the significance it carries, how it facilitates the understanding if it’s written properly. The simple writing style usage is the good way to help people digest the information in the easiest way, the good sign it is if the reader can understand what you’re going to tell about from the first passage without having to pursue the material from the middle. In order to lead your reader through the insightful journey of your narration, you need to write in stages, so-called signposts that will signify the important points of your text.

how to edit a paragraph

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Speaking about SAT test, (standardized test widely used for college admissions in US) it has 6 writing questions evaluating not only your spelling and grammar but also how well you can handle them in the context.

structure of the paragraph exampleWhile there are obviously some issues with this section of the test – such as the essay – which are being addressed in the new version of the test, there is a consensus that the ability to create strong paragraphs is a more important skill than being able to recognize tricky grammar errors in isolated sentences. A new version of SAT launched in 2016 has set the new standards, placing a greater focus on passage-based, grammar-in-context questions.

In fact, for the SAT 2016 essay it is enough to answer the questions with a well structured 5-paragraph response, each essay prompt can be implemented in the same format but focus on the author’s argument and how well it can be supported.

An Effective Structure of the Paragraph, What It’s Like?

If you’re going to write a blogpost, article or a book that you want to be effective think first of a paragraph writing format that will be able to deliver all your thoughts, ideas and key points in the most accurate way. Paragraphs like every other thing have a definite structure, they include such parts: introduction, evidence, conclusion.

You should check if your paragraphs also include the main idea, the subject you’ll be writing about. As any paragraph consists of sentences it’s better to define what type they gonna of and then construct them in the proper way. Such types of sentences are usually used for constructing the paragraphs:

  • descriptive
  • expository
  • persuasive
  • comparative

Each type of the sentence is able to represent the subject of your text in the different peculiar way. General paragraph, as a rule, will include 3 key parts such as:

  • topic sentence
  • supporting evidence
  • concluding statement

There’s an example of a good paragraph and how it should be structured:

structure of the paragraphWithin decades mice have been used as the irreplaceable model organisms for the purposes of biomedical research, that enabled scientists and researchers to conduct numerous investigations on disorder treatment developing and helped in genome studying. Unlike humans, mice are being studied in the predictable and controlled conditions that minimize the risks of unexpected survey outcomes. Such environment also helps to manage the diet contents, food supplement, availability and some other factors that affect the physiological processes in mice.

Topic sentence

paragraph writing formatUsed as the first sentence in the paragraph it should never fail to deliver your thoughts and ideas from the very beginning. Topic sentence length should be limited, otherwise, it will not be able to create the good ground for the further idea development. Try to focus and start the paragraph effectively with topic sentence, a good way for this is to break the paragraph into several parts or several paragraphs basing on supporting evidence. In the perfect situation, your reader will be able to catch the general idea from the very beginning of the narration.

Supporting evidence

example of a good paragraphThe supporting evidence completes the task of composing the body of the paragraph. That part should carefully deliver the vast of the idea with supporting facts and should be highly relevant to the preceding part. As the practice shows it’s okay to have 2 to 5 supporting sentences to develop the general idea from the beginning. It is also important to prevent the paragraph from looking disjointed (with no clear or logical progression) conceptual connections can be there of a great help, introductory words and phrases can help you create the desirable paragraph look and clarify the connections.


If you use those words and phrases readers would be grateful you didn’t let them alone guessing about the meaning of what you said, and how the paragraphs actually connected between each other.

Concluding statement

paragraphs to editThe closing or how it’s also called concluding sentence bears the purpose of restating all the above-mentioned information, it summarizes the main ideas and reminds the reader of outcomes. However, it would be a misconception to say that restating ideas is the only task of concluding statement it also should eliminate the redundancy between the two.

Preparing Paragraphs to Edit

Finally coming to the part where all the minor mistakes should be detected and erased! The final editing stage of your paragraph correction is when you get down to actual editing procedure.

Correct the style

  • Your paragraph must have a topic sentence
  • Supporting sentence must deliver the main idea
  • Make sure there’s a closing sentence in your paragraph
  • Make sure all sentences support the main idea and are relevant to the topic of discussion
  • Make the catchy headlines and make sure you formed the sentences and paragraphs so that they sound interesting and are able to capture the attention.
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Check your spelling and grammar

  • Check your spelling first
  • Check your grammar second (don’t forget about helping tools on the web)
  • Reread your paragraph
  • Ensure each sentence contains the subject
  • See how your subjects and verbs correlate, check if there’s no confusion between them
  • Check the tenses of all verbs used in the text
  • Make sure each and every sentence bears important information and nothing is missed

Now that you know all the secrets read through your post carefully, does it make the right impression, does it make an impact? Efficient paragraph editing is not an art, it’s a routine practice that can become quite challenging if you don’t know all the rules and regulations, is the result of efforts always pays off and allows you to connect to you the target audience closer.

Give your editing paragraphs skills a new lift! Check your documents here and today!

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