How to Use a Sentence Structure Checker

Why Use a Sentence Structure Checker?

Sentence structure is a tricky and complex business. There are all sorts of situations where the rules are rather grey, and where you can easily get bogged down and confused in all the conflicting guidelines. You might find yourself bewildered by when to use contractions and when not to, or the difference between its and it’s. There’s no doubt that these things are difficult to learn. So what can you do? A sentence structure checker that edit paragraph online can help a lot. But perhaps you’re unconvinced of the need. Let’s look at a grammar fact to demonstrate our point.

Sentence Structure Facts

Do you know how to use ‘I’ vs ‘Me’? Many people have instincts about it, but they also struggle with the practicalities.

Check out these sentences:

A) Bill and I went to the movies.
B) Bill and me went to the movies.

C) Please give the tickets to Bill and I.
D) Please give the tickets to Bill and me.

Which two are the correct ones? Got any guesses? The correct answers are actually A and D! Maybe you said A and C, or B and D. These are common mistakes, and very understandable. Here’s a little tip that can help you determine whether you should use ‘I’ or ‘me’ when you’re working with more than one person. Take away the other person, decide which one sounds right, and use that one with in your original sentence.

For instance, you’d never say ‘Me went to the movies’ or ‘Please give the tickets to I’, right? It probably sounds very weird to your ears. Hold on to that instinct and keep it in place. Use the one that makes sense without Bill, and you’re good to go.

These types of errors are pretty common, and you might not even know you’ve made them. You can see now why you might need a sentence structure checker. But how, you may be wondering, do you use one?

How to Use the Proper Sentence Structure Checker

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If you’ve never used a sentence structure checker before, you might need a guide. Here are the four steps to get you on your way!

  • Choose a paper: If you’ve gone looking for a sentence structure checker, it’s very possible that you already have a paper in mind. Simply pull it up and get it ready to put in. You may wish to break it into chunks if it’s long, but that is up to you, since the checker can handle a variety of lengths.
  • Put it in the checker: This process is very simple. All you have to do is copy and paste! The web application allows for easy use, so you don’t have to mess around with complex processes. Once you’ve pasted, just click the button to check, and there you are. The process will take only a few minutes at most.
  • Read the results: Your results will come back with suggested changes. The checker cites specific rules so that you know why the changes should be made. This allows you to grow more comfortable with grammar through hands-on learning. Read your results thoroughly if you have time to gain a deeper understanding of the process.
  • Decide what changes to make: Thanks to the flexibility of the sentence structure checker, you can decide what changes you want to make and what ones you think are better as they are. That’s the beauty of the process. It teaches you and gives you the freedom to make your own choices.

Find a Correct Sentence Structure Checker

You now know why you need a sentence structure checker and a daily paragraph editing, and how to use on once you’ve found it. How do you find a good one? Well, we consider ours to be pretty decent. We invite you to compare it to any other checker of your choice. We are confident that our tool will come out on top. We’re hope you’ll give it a try!

For more help with finding a great sentence structure checker, visit us now!

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